Maintenance: Pavers

Whether it is a driveway, walkway, or pathway, paving stones are great for adding a decorative element to your landscape. Unfortunately, our wet and windy Vancouver winter can cause our pavers to lose their gleam over time. The following is a step-by-step guide to keeping your pavers clean:

Sweep the entire driveway/walkway to remove all the dirt, leaves, and grime that has collected on the pavers. Make sure to get into the crevasses between the bricks wherever possible.

Rinse the driveway/walkway with a garden hose to wash off any remaining dirt. You can use a pressure washer if necessary, but be very careful. Pressure washers have a tendency to push pavers around, which may lead to big problems down the road. If you do use a pressure washer, make sure to keep it on a low setting, with the spray gun kept a fair distance away from the pavers.

Test in an inconspicuous area before you use any cleaning products, as some types of stone can be damaged by certain chemicals. To test a cleaning product, apply it to a spare paver, and leave it for 10 minutes. If the paver is discoloured by the end of this period, do not use this product.

Apply the cleaning product to the pavers. This can be done using a variety of techniques. More information should be available on the product being used. Allow the cleaner to sit for the allowed time.

Rinse the pavers again using your garden hose, and broom if necessary. Scrub a small area at a time, until all of the pavers are clean. You can go back after to pay special attention to those especially hard stains.


  • Paver cleaners can be found at any local hardware store. Make sure to read the package information before use.
  • Sealed driveway pavers are easier to maintain, and more resistant to dirt and stains.
  • Make a habit of spraying down your driveway/walkway weekly. This will help to avoid buildup of dirt and stains, while keeping your pavers looking great.

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